12″ Vinyl

 ArtistCatalog #FormatDescriptionTitleYear
default-releaseG. Mitchell*BBR12112"Interplanetary Love Communication 2 versions1997
bbr-124Fishbelly BlackBBR 12412"That's It ‎(12")Unknown
bbr-125George MitchellBBR-12512"Drum and Jazz/Interplanetary Love Communication ‎(12")1998
bbz-101Scott Taylor (2)BBZ-10112"uplifting garage w/ four mixesIt's Not That Far Away 2 versions1990
bbz-102Tide And Time Featuring FuschiaBBZ-10212"Martha Wash watch out. Miss Fuchia has a set of pipes that can bring down the walls of the church.Tide And Time Featuring Fuschia - Bounce Right Back ‎(12")1991
bbz-103Keep Moving AheadBBZ-10312"The first track by 95 North (deep house flavor)Come Together 2 versions1991
bbz-104Fishbelly BlackBBZ-10412"The classic London hit. Hammond B-3 and alto sax trade off to a hip hop grooveSpontaneous Combustion 2 versions1992
bbz-105Fishbelly BlackBBZ-10512"a mellow rap Grover Washingtonesque takes it uptown and party all night on 8 ballThe Muse ‎(12")1993
bbz-106Common CauseBBZ-10612"Side A- muted trumpets, piano, vibes /Side B- soulful vocalTalk To Your Man 2 versions1993
bbz-108Fishbelly BlackBBZ-108EPThe vinyl version of the CD with an added bonus trackRap Attack EP ‎(12", EP)1993
bbz-109Fishbelly BlackBBZ-109EPThe vinyl version of the CD with an added bonus trackJazz Attack EP ‎(12", EP)1993
bbz-110Angela MarniBBZ-11012"Slippin' & Slidin' ‎(12")1993
default-releaseFishbelly Black With Roy AyersBBZ 11112" Legendary vibes player Roy Ayers teams with Fishbelly Black on a dance floor burnerFishbelly Black With Roy Ayers - Get Up Get Down 2 versions1993
bbz-113Scott Taylor (2)BBZ-11312"Don't Turn Your Back On Me ‎(12")1994
bbz-114Common CauseBBZ-11412"Acid jazz to rattle your woofers. Phat walking basses, vibes, sax, guitarCool Out / Jeep Song ‎(12")1994
bbz-116Common CauseBBZ-11612"Sausalito ‎(12")1995
default-releaseFishbelly BlackBBZ-11812"Movin' ‎(12")1996
bbz-119Fishbelly BlackBBZ-11912"fishbelly sound with a touch of flute added to the mixFunk Cafe / Grapevine ‎(12")1996